Counter-flow cooler for pellet

The counter-flow cooler, EOLO, has the function of cooling the pellets after the dicing and coating phases. Eolo cooler is specifically designed for Pet Food, Fish Food and Animal Feed.

Up to 30 Ton/h for speed
Counter-flow cooler for pellet 2

What is the counter-flow cooler?

The EOLO counter-flow cooler for Pet Food and Fish Food is specifically designed for cooling extruded products after the caoating phase.

Let's discover the EOLO counter-flow cooler together:

The EOLO cooler is made entirely of press-folded stainless steel.

Machinery components: the EOLO cooler consists of a container, equipped with sensors for detecting the product layer and large inspection doors; from the extractor drawer and from the cooled product collection hopper.

EOLO has a static deflector positioned at the product inlet for the correct and uniform spreading of the product. EOLO can be equipped with a leveling system with pneumatic actuation in applications where the loading does not take place with a continuous flow, but in batches, as in the case of systems equipped with a vacuum mixer-coater.

How does EOLO counter-flow cooler work?

The product is crossed by a airflow from bottom to top, and remains inside for the time necessary for its cooling to a temperature slightly higher than the ambient one.

The product is crossed by a air flow rising from the bottom up. This air flow remains inside the product for the time necessary to reach a temperature slightly above the ambient temperature.

The unloading of the product takes place through the oscillation of a series of shelves positioned in the extractor drawer, controlled by a hydraulic piston and by an electronic inclination detection system.

The opening of the shelves, their inclination and therefore the discharge capacity, are completely automated and adapted to the type of processed product.

The machine is designed to provide maximum productivity with very low maintenance and high hygienic standard in order to avoid product contamination.

The EOLO Counter-flow cooler for Pet Food and Fish Food made by MIAL is available in various models to satisfy any production need.

In the video below you can discover the main components of the system.

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Counter-flow cooler for pellet 3
Counter-flow cooler for pellet 4


There are many reasons to choose our products

  • 01 High level of Pellet cooling.
  • 02 AISI304 stainless steel structure to guarantee long duration over time.
  • 03 Levels adjustment possible.
  • 04 Economic use since fresh air is withdrawn from the external environment without conditioning elements.
  • 05 Uniform distribution of the product inside, thanks to a motorised or fixed rotating plate.
  • 06 Inspection Door with transparent Plexiglass window fitted with safety micro-switch.
  • 07 Dosing of product inside the Cooler with rotary valve with body entirely in AISI304 stainless steel.
  • 08 Use of off-the-shelf components of the main Italian and European brands.
  • 09 Limited maintenance.
  • 10 Can be completed with software and dedicated control board.



Support Structure

Suction unit with cyclone or filter

Air fitting piping

Crumbler for breakage of pellets for feed for the poultry sector

Screen for final cleaning of the Pellets

Electric control board

Machine management software

Loading conveyors

Unloading conveyors

Additional doors for viewing the product inside

AISI304 stainless steel support structure


ATEX version



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