Poultry farming

Used in poultry farming, MIAL equipment and plants distinguish themselves for their reliability and duration over time. Easy installation and the high level of customisation help to meet the requirements of every customer.

Transportation Systems

Transportation systems for granular and powdered bulk products.

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Silos for storage of bulk products.

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Drinking Systems

Drinking systems

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Line lifting

Line Lifting Systems.

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Sheds for poultry farming.

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Cooling and Heating

Cooling and heating systems for sheds destined for poultry farming.

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Ventilation systems for civil and industrial environments

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MIAL is always by your side, offering you consultancy in the design phase and after-sales assistance



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MIAL and MF TECNO for Centumbrie 1
Case history
MIAL and MF TECNO for Centumbrie

MIAL and MF TECNO have designed, built and installed three different systems for Evo Bistrot Centumbrie.

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