The MIAL process

Complete Pet Food production system

  • 1 Raw Materials intake
    1 Raw Materials intake
    The reception of raw materials in pet food production involves several crucial steps to ensure the quality and safety of the finished kibble. With over 60 years of experience, we can guarantee customized systems of the highest quality and durability.
  • 2 Conveying System
    2 Conveying System
    Our range of conveying systems covers the entire pet food and animal feed production process, from the raw materials intake to intermediate steps, to the conveying of the finished product. Chain conveyors, pallet conveyors, and elevators are the most commonly used products for pet food transportation.
  • 3 Raw Materials Weighing and Dosing
    3 Raw Materials Weighing and Dosing
    Our weighing and dosing equipment offer the precision and accuracy your company needs. They are also useful in internal processes and post-control, ensuring accurate weight measurements at every stage of the production process.
  • 4 Mixing
    4 Mixing
    Mixing plays a fundamental role in feed processing. Our mixers, with various capacities and smart blade designs, offer you a quick and precise mixing process.
  • 5 Grinding
    5 Grinding
    With our versatile grinding portfolio, consisting of hammer mills for pet food (fine grinding) or feed, we can meet the needs of both sectors.
  • 6 Dosing of Liquid and Powder Premix
    6 Dosing of Liquid and Powder Premix
    Used for dosing raw materials in industrial feed mills, they allow precise control of the prepared formula. Also available in the rotary tank version, ensuring maximum cleanliness and absence of contamination between one formulation and the next.
  • 7 Mixing
    7 Mixing
    MIAL mixers represent the ideal solution for the proper mixing of raw materials or for coating kibble. Thanks to their robust construction and careful design, they are widely used in the feed industry, ensuring performance uniformity over time and remarkable durability.
  • 8 Conditioning
    8 Conditioning
    It allows the removal of pathogens: under certain weather and temperature conditions, it can eliminate salmonella and other bacteria.
  • 9 Extrusion
    9 Extrusion
    During extrusion, solid raw materials are mixed, heated, cooked, shaped, and granulated, all in one process. Our extruders are configured based on the specific characteristics of raw material formulations and the requirements of the final products.
  • 10 Coating
    10 Coating
    The coating of extruded kibble makes the final product more attractive to animals. Additionally, the coating can be used to add flavors and enrich the energy level of the product. For pet food, we have created the vacuum mixer, allowing additives to penetrate deep into the kibble, making them more appealing to animals.
  • 11 Drying
    11 Drying
    The Counterflow Air Cooler, EOLO, is designed to cool the pellet after the cubing and coating phases. The Eolo Cooler is specifically designed for Pet Food, Fish Food, and animal feed.


MIAL has been operating in the Animal Feed Production Plant, Packaging and Zootechnics sectors for over 50 years.

MIAL designs, manufactures and installs complete Livestock Feeding, Pet Food and Fish Food processing plants. The MIAL animal feed production plants cover every phase: from reception and storage of raw material to animal feed production.

MF TECNO was born from our experience: hi-tech machinery for bulk products Packaging.

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