Plant accessories

Wide range of accessories for integration into animal feed production plants and storage systems, made in various materials and configurations in order to meet all needs. Accessories not present in the list are also available.

Discharge Valves Discharge Valve with manual, pneumatic or motorised actuator for the individual or multiple discharge f the chain, screw or paddle conveyors. Discover more
Diversion Valves Manual, pneumatic or motorised Diversion Valve for the diversion of the product flow towards a defined destination. Discover more
Rotary Distributor Motorised Rotary Distributor for the diversion of the product flow towards a defined destination. Discover more
Disc extractors Disc Extractors for the extraction of flours from metal silos. Discover more
Rotary Valves Rotary Valve ideal for the accurate extraction ad dosing or powders or granules in varied applications. Discover more
Magnetic Iron Removers Magnetic Iron Removers used to withhold any metal parts from flows of bulk flour or granular product. Discover more
Reception Hoppers Suction Filters Reception Hoppers Suction Filter, ideal for greatly reducing the dust component around the reception hoppers of the cereals and flours storage and processing plants. Discover more
Suction Filters Suction Filter introduced into all those phases of the handling and processing of cereals and flours, for which dust removal is required. Discover more


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