Pet Food Production and Coating System

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Pet Food Production and Coating System 1

A Pet food processing system that takes care of adding premixes to the kibble, mixing it with vacuum technology and then drying them.

This kibble production system takes care of multiple phases of kibble processing. This is a customized plant, in order to satisfy our customer needs in terms of space and production volume. The special aspects are many, starting from the one we can easily see: all the machines are put in a vertical space.

Our customer had the need to fit all the production plant in a restricted space, and it was an almost impossible task, considering all the machines that had to be included.

The turning point was designing this Pet food processing system in a vertical position to fit all the needed machinery in the little free space our customers had.

In a few words, this system receives the formed kibble from the extruder, adds liquid and powdery premixes and then takes care of cooling down the kibble.

Our goal is not only to guarantee a high production volume but also to provide a high-quality product. A key feature for Pet food producers is that the animal finds a tasty, scented and appealing kibble, and to ensure that we use a vacuum mixer.

A vacuum mixer creates a special ambient that allows the product to be coated with a greater amount of fat.

To accomplish this task, there are many machines involved that we are going to analyze one by one.


Pendulum Bucket Elevator

The Pendulum Bucket Elevator takes care of conveying the kibble up to the pre-mixing hopper.

This type of conveyor is perfectly fit for delicate products, which can break while being conveyed or released.

In this dry Pet food production system we chose the pendulum bucket elevator to avoid the breaking of the kibble during the conveying or discharging process.

Before being handled by the pendulum bucket elevator we make sure the kibble is separated from dust residuals through vibrating channels.


Tubular Chain Conveyor

In this dry dog food production and coating system, the tubular chain conveyor has the function of taking the additives up to the pre-mixing hopper.


Micro-component and liquids dosing systems

Once they are brought up, the Micro-Components Dosing System takes care of adding premixes to the kibble.

The Micro-Components Dosing System allows the dosing of the ingredients usually present in small amounts in the formula.

The combined work of these two pieces of machinery adds vitamins and flavouring making the kibble more appealing for the pet.


Vacuum Mixer/Coater

In this Pet food coating system, a key function is performed by the vacuum mixer.

Coating with a vacuum mixer is used to add high percentages of liquid additives to extruded products.

The vacuum mixer, specifically a Vacuum Mixer/Coater with Double Shaft is designed to get high-quality, nutritious and appetizing kibble by adding high percentages of liquids to extruded products.

Using the coating technology with a vacuum mixer, the oily additives penetrate evenly and deeper inside the kibble.

This mixing style leads to higher quality and more nutritious Pet Food and Fish Food, consequently in healthier animals because they are fed correctly. This is a result that Pet food producers, and the Pet food industry, love to see.

This process has another advantage: protecting the kibble from possible crumbling.

A special procedure to obtain top quality and palatable kibble for Pet food manufacturers.


Counter-Flow Cooler

The counter-flow cooler has the function of cooling the product after the dicing and coating phases. Our cooler is specifically designed for Pet Food, Fish Food and Animal Feed.

The product meets an airflow from the bottom to the top and remains inside for the time necessary for its cooling to a temperature slightly higher than the ambient one.


Paddle Drag Conveyor

The paddle drag conveyor is responsible for taking the finished product and conveying it towards the pendulum bucket elevator, which leads it to the storage silos.

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