Mixers for for Pet Food and Animal Feed

MIAL mixers are the ideal solution for correct homogenisation of raw materials or to coat dry food. Thanks to their strong construction and careful design, they are widely used in the feed production industry, guaranteeing uniformity of performance over time and considerable duration.

Vacuum Mixer/Coater for Pet Food with Double Shaft Mixer and Coater for Pet Food and Fish Food. Ideal to get high quality, nutritious and appetizing kibble by adding high percentages of liquids to extruded products. A special procedure to obtain a top quality and palatable pet food. Discover more
Single Shaft Horizontal Mixer The single Shaft horizontal mixer is a high-tech machine engineered by MIAL for rapid and perfectly homogeneous mixing of raw materials. Ideal in the agri-food and pet food production sectors. Discover more
Mixer for food and chemical products The Single Shaft Horizontal Paddle Mixer, ideal for mixing food and chemical products, guaranteeing an excellent degree of mixing. Discover more


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